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Happy 4th birthday, Free Plovdiv Tour!
by dok in News from FPT on 2016-07-06

Happy 4th birthday, Free Plovdiv Tour!


Another year has passed by – a year full of valuable experience and unforgettable tours! Four years ago our organization, the 365 Association, launched a project for a free walking tour of Plovdiv – The Free Plovdiv Tour. The date was the 13th of July, Friday. We were not at all worried about the symbolism of that particular day, which has been imposed by superstitions and those who believe in them. On the contrary, it turned out to be our lucky date, so every year we put great effort into the preparation of the celebration.

We are an non-profit non-government association with a focus on tourism and culture. 365 days in the year we strive to promote Bulgaria. We are an association of proactive young people where something happens literally all 365 days of the year, even on dates such as January 1, March 3, December 24. Free Plovdiv Tour is our second project for a free walking tour. Our tour in Plovdiv has become a truly successful project!




We are the same but also a little bit different as well. Free Plovdiv Tour is now an year older but has also become more mature! We are frankly happy to boast with some of our achievements from this past year:

① More than 15, 000 tourists have visited the Free Plovdiv Tour! This year we have had more than 2 000 guests from all over the world! The top 5 countries our visitors come from are: UK, USA, Bulgaria, Germany and France. However, the mixture of people visiting our tours is far more diverse.

② Our fans on Facebook are more than 3,400 and the reviews of Free Plovdiv Tour on TripAdvisor are 225. In the past four years the Free Plovdiv Tour has established itself as the number one attraction in Plovdiv.

③ More than 40 young and enthusiastic people have taken part in the ambitious project and have contributed to the development of the idea!

④ Last but not least, this year we managed to launch a new project – the Kapana Tour, which takes place every Sunday at 11.



This is a photo from our previous birthday – 13.07.2015. We work 365 days a year, but we try to keep up with the parties at the same time! Again it is time for an unforgettable celebration!


We invite all of you – our friends, fans and partners, to celebrate  together! See you on Wednesday, 13th July, at 11:00 and 18:00 in front of the Municipality of Plovdiv when the special birthday tours are going to take place! After the evening tour (at about 20:00-20:30) we will all head to the Orpheus Café (Орфей) to celebrate our birthday. Join the party whenever you can! You can see more information about the event on Facebook. We expect you! See you on the lucky 13th July!

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