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Kapana Tour
by dok in News from Free Plovdiv Tour on 2016-06-24




No, it is neither a popular maze conveniently situated in the vicinities of Plovdiv, nor a beautiful garden in the city centre. In fact this is the logo of our brand new project that we launched in the beginning of April 2016 – Kapana Tour, tour of the artistic neighborhood of Plovdiv.


The aim of this tour will be to give our guests an insight into the history of the neighbourhood, to follow the changes Kapana went through during the centuries, to tell the stories of its inhabitants from the past and the present and to give a look to the future of this magnificent place.




It is worth taking part in the tour!




Our tours of Kapana take place every Friday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 11 a.m. The starting point of the tour is next to the model of the Roman Stadium on the Pedestrian Street.


The tour is completely free and no reservation is required - you just have to show up.


We are waiting for you!

             See you next week! :)

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