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The people behind Free Plovdiv Tour.
Nikolay was born in a city on the other side of Bulgaria, but has been living in Plovdiv since the age of 3. Even though he has been to numerous other destinations throughout his life, he still absolutely adores the city. In 2015 he graduated from the "Plovdiv" Language High School and is presently studying Law in the Sofia University. His hobbies include reading, watching movies, playing the bass guitar and hanging out in the bar with his friends. He is also a very keen scholar of history and literature, which has helped him a lot at being a tour guide as well

Lora was born and raised in Plovdiv and has always had a deep appreciation for here hometown. Even though she has spent all her life here, Plovdiv's beauty never ceases to amaze her. She truly enjoys being a tour guide, because it allows her to meet people from around the world and introduce them to the city and its rich history. Whenever she has time on her hands, she tries to spend it traveling around the rest of Bulgaria, so that she gets to know here country better.

Doni is from a small town near Plovdiv. She is going to study Law in our capital – Sofia. She describes herself as an art person that somehow finds beauty in everything. She loves traveling and though she speaks a few languages she is not talkative type of person. She believes magic exists and that Plovdiv is one of those extraordinary spots on the globe that have the power to connect people and make them feel like they’ve just come home. She loves the idea of helping others come closer to the true identity of Plovdiv – a city of history, a city of love and life, a city that is always changing and improving.

Tsveta was born in a small town close to the seaside, but has lived in Plovdiv for over 15 years now. And she has come to love the town of the seven hills as her own. She graduated from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, then spent a year and a half in Switzerland studying Hospitality Management. Some of her numerous hobbies are reading, drawing and studying foreign languages.

Kathy was born in Plovdiv, but she moved to Greece at the age of 2. She lived there for 7 years, but the great spirit of Plovdiv never left her heart so she and her family moved back. Kathy just graduated from High school and she really hopes that in October 2015 she will be a Law student in the Sofia University. Kathy is a communicative person and she loves meeting people from all around the world. She has visited all European countries, also the United Arab Emirates and dreams to go to Australia, South America, USA, Japan and South Africa. Traveling is her passion but however her motto is- “There’s no place like home - Plovdiv”.

Constantin was born and raised in Plovdiv. He is a graduate from the highschool "Clement of Ohrid" where he studied History and English with proficiency. Currently, he is a first year Psychology student in the University of Plovdiv. Constantin loves his city and aspires to take it to new heights.

Iliya is born and raised in Plovdiv, and is about to graduate from the Language school Ivan Vazov. He's got unique love for his hometown, and very enthusiasted in showing its most beautiful sides to the tourists. He loves playing the guitar and having long walks in the hills and parks of Plovdiv.

Rossi was born and raised in Plovdiv. She is an English Language School Plovdiv graduate and is currently in her last year of Law school in the University of Plovdiv. After that she wishes to pursue a Master’s degree abroad. Though her travels have taken her to distant places and cultures, she is positive Plovdiv is a unique city with untapped treasures. And she would like to discover those treasures together with the visitors of Plovdiv.

Ivan was born in a small town nearby but has spent the bigger part of his life living in Plovdiv. He graduated from the English Language School “Plovdiv” in 2013 and now he is a Law student in the Sofia University. Ivan is interested in sports- in his free time he watches football, tennis and he also plays volleyball and goes to the gym regularly. One of his dreams is to continue his education in a foreign university and he is also dreaming of becoming a successful lawyer.

Boris has been living in Plovdiv his whole life. He enormously enjoys acquiring useful skills and knowledge and then sharing them with others, which has become his professional path. He graduated from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts as a guitar teacher and is currently studying English philology, pursuing his interests as an English teacher. He likes to learn about different cultures and connect with people from various backgrounds, which is always an enriching experience. Among his interests are Non-violent communication, science, and social change.

Adi was born in Plovdiv and, even though she travelled a lot, she still sees the city as one of the most beautiful places she has been to. She graduated from Plovdiv University with a degree in Psychology and now is looking to persue her studies abroad. Adi enjoys working with people and always welcomes new friendships from all over the world. She speaks fluently 3 languages and has a passion for creative writing.

Christina is a small town girl, who fell in love with Plovdiv at the age of eight, when her father took her on a business trip. She is now a student in Bulgarian and English Philology in the Plovdiv University and the love and passion for her city has never left her heart.

Dessie was born and raised in Plovdiv. After graduating in Political Science from Plovdiv University, she moved to Prague, Czech Republic and later – to Amsterdam, Netherlands. She likes all retro things and her favorite period of Plovdiv’s history is the beginning of XX century. Her idea of having good time includes meeting interesting people and one of her true passions is to promote, every way she can, the Bohemian spirit of her amazing home city. She loves art and is keen on Balkan and Oriental literature. If she is not travelling, she is busy getting inspired. She has a thing for streets and lanterns and thinks that Plovdiv is most beautiful when the evening falls.

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